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Marathon® Water Heater



DURABILITY ~ Toughest and strongest tank in the residential water heater industry. No other comes close. Marathon tanks are regularly tested to withstand 100,000 cycles from zero-to-150 psi.

FUNCTIONALITY ~ Beauty is more than skin deep. No anode rod means no rotten-egg smell from sulfates found in many water systems. Easy-on/easy-off water connections. Self-cleaning action of bowl-shaped tank bottom. 

VALUE ~ Marathon's renowned durability eliminates the cost of buying and reinstalling a new water heater every 10 years (national average). This, coupled with energy savings, makes the total cost of ownership lower than typical water heaters.

WARRANTY PERIOD ~ Begins on date of purchase.

50-GALLON WARRANTY ~ Lifetime tank warranty on registered water heaters to original owner only. * If the tank fails, you get a new Marathon with no "pro-rating" deductions. (*See warranty information sheet for complete warranty information.)

Member Pricing:  
  • 50-Gallon Marathon: FREE to new construction and gas to electric installations.

Limit one unit per member household for free water heater promotion.
Promotion ends December 31, 2020.


  • 50-Gallon Marathon: $700 plus tax.

Rebates have been applied to all member pricing.
This pricing is available to members of Consumers Energy Cooperative in Iowa.


Contact Consumers Energy for more information at 
or call us at 800-696-6552.

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