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Ruud® Water Heater


DURABILITY ~ EverKleen™ self-cleaning device fights harmful sediment build-up which saves electricity, saves money, and improves tank life.

FUNCTIONALITY ~ Exclusive diagnostic system verifies heating element operation. LEDs pinpoint the exact location of functioning or non-functioning heating elements.

VALUE ~ Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss lowering electric usage. Resistored stainless steel heating elements prolong anode rod and tank life.

WARRANTY PERIOD ~ Begins on date of purchase.

50-GALLON WARRANTY ~ Limited 8-year tank and parts warranty*. (*See warranty information sheet for complete warranty information.)

Pricing: 50-Gallon Ruud: $200 plus tax.
This pricing is available to members of Consumers Energy Cooperative in Iowa. 

Contact Consumers Energy for more information at
or 800-696-6552.



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