Consumers Energy offers exterior lighting options that will add practicality and illumination that compliment any area and budget. Choose from a variety of wattages to strike the right balance between aesthetics and performance, in addition to easy maintenance and ownership options.  Better illumination means increased safety and security for your family. 

Lighting Terms

Watts  The amount of power going into a lamp at any given moment.

Lumens  The amount of light being produced by a lamp.

Foot-Candle  The amount of lumens falling on a particular area - one lumen falling on a one square-foot area produces one foot-candle.

Color Rendering or Color Rendition  How well a light renders the colors of the objects it is illuminating. Color rendition is measured through a Color Rendering Index (CRI) scale with values from 0 to 100.

Color Temperature  Color appearance of the light produced by a lamp - measured on a Kelvin scale. Color temperatures are often "warm" or "cool" in appearance.

Average Rated Life  Average point at which half of the lamps of the type will be operating and half will not.

Mercury Vapor  Very blue white in color - tends to get greenish with time, 35-55 lumens/watt.

High Pressure Sodium  Yellow orange in color, 40-125 lumens/watt.

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Outdoor LED Lighting

LEDs are ideal for outdoor use because of their durability. LED lights are resistant to vibrations, shock and external impacts such as exposure to weather, wind and rain. In addition, they are temperature resistant and operate in colder outdoor temperatures. In contrast, colder temperatures may affect operation of fluorescent lamps. LEDs can also be dimmed, allowing maximum flexibility in usage.  

Security Light Programs - Call the cooperative office for pricing details.

1.  Metered
2.  Non-Metered
3.  Build Your Own - A'la Carte Pricing

Members can contact Consumers Energy to schedule repairs for security lights that are owned by the cooperative.

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