Pull the plug
Pull the Plug on Old Appliances

Recycle your less-than-energy-efficient appliances and put some cash in your pocket!

Do you have a working refrigerator, freezer, or window air conditioner that you no longer need or will be replacing with an energy efficient model? Consumers Energy is helping members pull the plug on old appliances. Members can have the old appliance hauled away and get paid! Simply call the cooperative’s recycling partner, CLEAResult, at 855-838-7817 to schedule your appliance pick-up. 

In order to be eligible for this program incentive, the appliance must be in working condition, and there is a limit of three operational appliances per member address. CLEAResult will remove the appliance(s) from the member’s address at no cost and issue an incentive check to the member following collection of the appliance(s).

Call CLEAResult at 855-838-7817 to recycle your less-than-energy-efficient appliances!

CFL recycling program
Recycle CFL Light Bulbs

Consumers Energy offers a member-friendly convenience for the environmentally conscious.  Members can bring compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs to the co-op for recycling.

Key Facts

CFLs contain a small amount of mercury (about 4 mg) required to produce light.

Power produced from coal to supply an average 100 watt incandescent bulb 3 hours a day for five years will release 10 mg of mercury into the environment.

Power produced to light a comparable 23 watt CFL for the same period will release about 2.4 mg of mercury to the environment.

CFLs are more environmentally friendly, even if they are discarded improperly.

To gain the greatest environmental advantage from CFLs, they should be disposed of in a way that properly captures and recycles their mercury.