Members can find assistance and protection during the winter months when it sometimes becomes difficult to pay utility bills. The Cold Weather Rule was established to protect residential customers from disconnection if they are unable to pay their electric bill in full.

This protection lasts from November 1 through April 1 and both the following conditions apply:

 1.   The disconnection would affect the main heating source; AND

 2.   The member must qualify for a payment arrangement that is agreed to by Consumers 
       Energy and the member.

  • The Cold Weather Rule offers a reconnection plan that may allow service to be turned on if service was disconnected as of November 1. 

  • The Cold Weather Rule does not totally forbid winter disconnection. If a disconnection notice is received the member must act promptly.

  • Members are encouraged to make nominal payments each month to avoid disconnection for non-payment in April when the Cold Weather Rule no long applies.