What is the Operation Round-Up Program?
Operation Round-Up is a program designed for members wishing to donate small change each month to cooperative members needing economic assistance with their electric bills. Annually, Consumers Energy distributes the Operation Round-Up funds to local community action agencies within its service territory to assist low-income families with winter heating bills and winterization of homes.

How does the Operation Round-Up Program work?
It’s simple. Each month Consumers Energy “rounds up” the electric bills of participating members to the next highest dollar. For example, a member’s monthly bill is $154.85. The cooperative rounds that bill up to $155.00, and 15 cents is donated to the Operation Round-Up Program. Alternatively, members may specify an exact dollar amount to be contributed each month. A member’s contribution becomes effective the billing cycle following the cooperative’s receipt of the Authorization Form.

To participate in this program fill out the form below.

Contact Consumers Energy to learn more about the Operation Round-Up Program. Phone: 800-696-6552 | Email: info@consumersenergy.coop