Board of Directors Approves Allocation

For the year 2020, Consumers Energy reported margins totaling $2,526,682. At the May 2021 board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to allocate $1,422,682 of those margins to the deferred patronage capital credits to be added to the revolving fund and credited on the books of the cooperative to each patron in proportion to the total electric revenues of the cooperative for the year 2020. This allocation is to be retired (paid) at a date in the future as determined by the board. The remaining $1,104,000 of margins was allocated to the contingency reserve and statutory surplus accounts. These margins are allocated in this manner in order to keep these reserves funded as required by state law and cooperative policy. For more information on the allocation process, contact the Member Services Department at 800-696-6552 or

Consumers Energy board members

Pictured in group photo: Consumers Energy’s Board of Directors front row from L to R: Bill Hobson, Pat VonAhnen, Tony Lem, Denny Beckman; back row: Arden Greiner, John Ripley, Steve Quick, Craig Griffieon, Bob Meimann